Bibles For Peru

I’ve been taking Bibles and New Testaments to Iquitos, Peru for seventeen years. To be honest with you, in recent years I have not done a good job in this area. That’s because I haven’t made it a high priority. Sure, there’s a lot to be done with helping children here. Just a little help goes a long way in this remote jungle town.

But people hungry to know the Good News deserves to be taken care of as well.

I am now committed to do something about that.

On this page there are four photos of my presenting Bibles and New Testaments to local pastors. All you have to do is glance at the pictures to realize how happy they are to receive these gifts. If you would like to help me take Bibles to these people–and I sincerely hope you do–you can do so with a contribution.

In the next few days I will have a Paypal button installed to help you provide the Good News to more people in this remote jungle town..


 bibles-01  bibles-02
Rev. Juan Murayari with New Testaments I brought him five years ago Rev. Jorge Ramiriz with New Testaments I brought him 15 years ago
 bibles-03  bibles-04
Rev. Elia Maldonado with Bibles I brought her thirteen years ago Rev. Enrique Pascual with New Testaments I brought him ten years ago